Project and Construction Management

Effective construction management is essential to the ultimate success of commercial building projects. Commercial project management involves mastering many tasks, including cost estimation, maintaining a project timeline while dealing with multiple change orders, and ensuring that the finished project fulfills the owner’s requirements.

The best commercial construction project managers have problem-solving and negotiation skills and a deep understanding of the construction field. Knowledge in finance, law, and business is also useful, along with a basic grasp of the fundamentals of different construction types – residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional.

Construction workers pointing at a crane

Fundamentals of Effective Project Management

Construction project management involves overseeing every phase of a building project, from preparation to execution and completion. Significant emphasis is placed on analyzing project risk factors, maintaining preventative supervision and review of time schedules, setting and maintaining the budget, and overseeing designs, specifications, bids, work arrangements, and contracts – all before work on a building project even begins. The process of analysis and overview helps ensure that a project stays on track - and on budget - for completion within a specified timeline.

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Digital Trends and Construction Management

Commercial construction management is increasingly associated with mobile and online software. Mobile-friendly technology allows work to be managed and tracked from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this capability has proven essential, and all indications point to a growing trend in this direction.

"Partnering with our clients means working with the community, including giving back by providing pro-bono services."

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The Wallace Way

For John L. Wallace, the founder of Wallace Construction Group, your word was your bond. Only a handshake was needed to seal a deal. Today, this is still the Wallace Way of doing business. Partnering with our clients means working with the community, including giving back by providing pro-bono services. Our company has always been family-oriented, and we bring that attitude to every customer and project.

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