We’re here for all phases of the project

From the drafting table to the grand opening, we partner with our clients to exceed expectations. Clear communication, purposeful design, and an expert team that knows your industry ensures seamless cooperation from concept to competition.

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Initial project construction budget, free

To better support our clients, we offer extensive pro-bono estimates using a sophisticated cost management system. This empowers you, our partner, to know from day one your project’s timeline, projected costs, and areas of improvement. We include an initial project construction budget to share our experience as a longtime builder of AHCA certified construction projects as a way to support those supporting others.


Realizing our clients’ visions and goals

Our team of experienced contractors, superintendents, and engineers helps you make the best decisions before breaking ground on your project. Our full package of pre-construction services ensures your project is completed on time, on budget, and exceeds expectations.

Our pre-construction advantages include:

  • Preliminary Evaluation
  • Program and Budget
  • Estimating and Budget
  • Reconciliation Process
  • Constructability Review and Value Engineering
  • Effective Bid Package Strategy


Putting our clients’ interests first

From conception to completion, our hands-on project management style instills confidence in our clients. Strong technical resources, customized plans, and experienced professionals have enabled Wallace Construction Group to provide quality project solutions for our clients across Florida.

  • Planning, Schedule Development, and Tracking
  • Subcontractor Coordination, Management, and Safety
  • Development Scheduling and Tracking
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control


Exceeding client expectations on-time, on budget

Since our founding, Wallace Construction Group has been a true general contractor. This means our team and company as a whole has enormous experience; that sets us apart. For nearly two decades, our talented builders have forged deep relationships with trade partners in order to deliver the most to our clients and their communities.

  • Industry-Wide Reputation for Quality, Honesty, and Excellence
  • Unparalleled Experience in Client Satisfaction
  • Commitment to Meeting all Regulatory Standards Without Delay
Medical facility built by Wallace.
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We’re grounded in our experience.

For nearly two decades, Wallace Construction Group has forged client partnerships built on professionalism, consistency, and dependability. A century of combined experience means you can depend on Wallace Construction Group to deliver on each and every built. Large and small Projects throughout the Sunshine State are a testament to our diligent work ethic. With more than 50 AHCA certified construction projects, Wallace Construction Group knows what it takes to produce with consistency. In our experience, results define reputation.

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