Understanding the Commercial Construction Process

Understanding the commercial construction process from start to finish highlights the importance of utilizing the services of skilled project managers and general contractors. Commercial building projects of all sizes involve multiple steps, with issues at each phase that can derail a project altogether. While each project is unique, commercial building projects follow a general timeline of planning and development, design, and construction. The entire process also requires collaboration and good communication among professionals from several disciplines to maintain the project timeline and ensure that the project remains on budget.

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Planning and Development

Establishing a budget is one of the first phases of a commercial building project. Commercial building costs typically average between $16 and $20 per square foot. However, the ongoing pandemic has created supply chain shortfalls and higher prices. Construction costs for buildings projects that include insulation and other additional finishing can be as high as $30 to $40 per square foot.

Selecting a site for a project requires more than choosing a location. Zoning and possible replatting considerations must also be taken into account and ensure that the site has or can be fitted out with the proper utilities and infrastructure to support the project. A property line surveyor determines the boundaries for the project site.

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The Design Phase

There are two steps to the design phase of a commercial building project. The pre-design stage is when the goals of the project are set. This is also when either an architect, general contractor, or design-build firm is selected to oversee the project. Ensuring adequate utility connections, code compliance, and setting the project timeline all occur during pre-design.

Engineers are brought into building projects during the actual design phase. Civil engineers evaluate drainage of the site while mechanical engineers determine the appropriate HVAC scheme. Electrical and structural engineers also provide input at the design phase.

"Ensuring adequate utility connections, code compliance, and setting the project timeline all occur during pre-design."

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The Construction Phase

Bids, permits, and insurance must be obtained before actual construction can begin. A construction team is assembled, and construction materials are procured. Only then can the actual excavation, foundation laying, and building process begin, along with landscaping. The final construction phase involves developing the punch list of final deficiencies that must be addressed before issuing a substantial completion certificate and having the building undergo its final inspection.


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By developing long-term, positive relationships with our subcontractors, Wallace Construction Group ensures that our projects run smoothly and that the final work product meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Every step of the way, our team is available to help our clients make informed decisions, overcome unexpected challenges, and finish their projects on time and within their budget. That’s the Wallace Way. Contact us at (727) 520-0700 to learn more about our cost estimation services, and discuss your next project.


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